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Things To Consider When Buying Your Chandelier For Your Home

Chandeliers: Things to Consider when Buying Yours

Looking for a great way to make your home seem spacious and welcoming without having to renovate or expand your whole house? You can add lighting fixtures to your room, like chandeliers, or mirrors to give a roomy feel.

Adding light fixtures and mirrors in your home gives an illusion of space. It gives a less crowded feel which is great for you and your family to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work or at school. 

Chandeliers, for example, can add elegance and a great way to add a personal touch to your space. These days, if you are looking for a more sophisticated touch to your home, it is imperative to add chandeliers. That is if you have a high enough ceiling. But do not worry! We are pretty sure you can still find a chandelier that fits your needs. We are here to show you the vast choices you have, whether you are looking for a chandelier for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining area, foyer, etc, we got you covered!

There are so many types and styles available to make sure you can get the best one for your home and for your money. Let’s start!

Types/Styles of Chandeliers

There are more than 20 types or styles of chandeliers available in the market and it might be too confusing to choose the best one for your home. So, we focused on these 10 common and most used types of chandeliers.


Aurea 10 Light Candle Chandelier with Golden Brown finish by CWI Lighting 9927P48-10-218   Beacon Hill Flemish Brass Chandelier By Livex Lighting 5321-22    12-Light Polished Nickel Boulevard Chandelier by Framburg 4982

These types of chandeliers are the most classic ones of all. Ideally, candle chandeliers are more preferred by people who like rustic lighting fixtures. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials but all have candelabra-style arms that hold faux candles. The good news is it tends to smaller compared to other types which means they don’t need as much space. It can also come in many unique features like flickering bulbs to give a more authentic candle-like feel.

It has a rustic and formal vibe perfect for dining rooms or living areas where you receive your guests. If you are looking for a more elegant but formal and simple look, candle chandelier might be the one you need.


Cherry Blossom 48 Light Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5066P47C     Flurry 17 Light Down Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5630P35C     Carlotta 12 Light Down Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5695P32-12-601

Are you looking for more glamour and drama or just pure elegance in your home decor? Adding a crystal chandelier can give you that and more! Light reflects off each crystal which gives off a more romantic and surreal vibe. These types of lighting fixtures tend to look great in dining areas and living rooms or at the center of a spiral staircase, known to be called staircase chandeliers but are not preferred in bedrooms.


Bubbles 9 Light Drum Shade Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5536P24ST     Chained 8 Light Drum Shade Chandelier with Gold finish by CWI Lighting 5627P26G     Sheer 6 Light Drum Shade Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5002P24C(W)

It is a form of shaded chandelier which comes in various styles and sizes. The name itself comes from its peculiar drum-like shape. It gives off a romantic glow great for your bedrooms. If you are going for this type of lighting fixture, it is best to browse through your choices first because there are a lot of varieties and designs available for this one.


Empire 8 Light Down Chandelier with Gold finish by CWI Lighting 8001P18G      Beechwood 8 Light Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 505271       Antonia Chandelier By 2nd Ave Lighting 120414

In this type of chandelier, rods or string of beads or crystals cascade from a smaller top cone down to a larger bowl shape giving a more exotic look. It is sometimes called beaded chandeliers.

If you are looking for a conversational piece in your home, this type of chandelier might be the one you are looking for. This lighting fixture can be a hit or miss type of decor. It can look great with your home decor or not. So, before you get one, be 100% sure that it will complement your furniture and aesthetic.


Marini 4 Light Chandelier with Wood Grain Brown Finish by CWI Lighting 1033P36-4-230     Arielle LED Chandelier with Chrome Finish by CWI Lighting 1042P32-601-R     Teesta 9 Light Up Chandelier with Rust finish by CWI Lighting 9705P24-9-130

Basically, geometric chandeliers have a geometric design, usually either rectangle, square, circle, or any shape. This light fixture is usually enclosed by geometric metal or various wood shapes that give off a more contemporary vibe.

There are a lot of designs, materials, and styles you can choose from when you are looking for geometric chandeliers. Also, because of its sleek and chic contemporary design, this type of chandelier is great for your dining area, kitchen counters, living rooms, and entryways.


Fanshawe 9 Light Chandelier From Allegri by Kalco Lighting 11529     10-Light Polished Nickel Jupiter Chandelier by Framburg 4838    10 Light Chandelier Bubbles Collection By PLC Lighting 96968

Looking for a trendy and chic but simple chandelier for any room in your home? Glass chandeliers can be the perfect one for you! This type of lighting fixture is greatly favored by a lot of people and interior designers because of its diversity. There are a lot of designs to choose from which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. 

Plus, because of its wide variety, you can find a glass chandelier for almost any room in your home.

Modern or Sputnik

Icicle 10 Light Chandelier with Chrome Finish by CWI Lighting 1154P39-10-601     Element 17 Light Chandelier with Polished Nickel Finish by CWI Lighting 1125P39-17-613     Element 10 Light Chandelier with Polished Nickel Finish by CWI Lighting 1125P36-10-613

With its avant-garde look, modern or sputnik chandeliers are perfect for homes with a more futuristic theme or contemporary design. Often in a sunburst shape or in simple geometric design, this type of chandelier has spindles with light bulbs at the tip. 

This type of chandelier is not known for its size but for its style, so you can almost fit it in any space. But you have to consider the design in the room you will hang it in. Sputnik chandeliers are statement pieces and may leave an impression that can also overpower the theme in your home. They are ideal in spaces where you receive your guests like living rooms or entryways. It can also help in the conversation aspect when entertaining your guests.


 Petia 8 Light Drum Shade Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 9975P28-8-601     Victoria 4 Light Drum Shade Chandelier with Chrome finish by CWI Lighting 5631P32C-O     Navah 6 Light Chandelier with Black Finish by CWI Lighting 1035P36-6-101

These types of chandeliers can create a soft, medium, or hard lighting in any room in your home depending on the materials used and thickness of the covering. 

Available in almost any style, from modern to traditional, with or without patterns, and shapes, the shaded chandeliers give a warmer, dimmer light compared to candle chandeliers. It is easy to style, you can just play matchy-matchy with your furniture and/or curtains.


Lansdale Light 3 Tier Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 505554     Sharlow Light 3 Tier Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 300486     18-Light Satin Pewter Jamestown Foyer Chandelier by Framburg 7918

If you have A LOT of space and going for a more ornate style, why not try tiered chandeliers? There are a vast variety of designs, materials used, and styles but all tiered chandeliers have multiple layers and extra arms. 

The main point of this type is to give a taller or longer chandelier for those people looking for a more glamorous, statement pieces in their spacious homes. It doesn’t only give a spacious look but also a luxurious feel to your home. This type is great for living rooms, dining areas, and entryways with A LOT of space.


Corna 12 Light Down Chandelier with Matte Black & Satin Gold finish by CWI Lighting 1017P32-12-129-A     Anita 12 Light Chandelier with Gold Leaf Finish by CWI Lighting 1094P43-12-620     Belladonna 6 Light Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 306950

Known to be a mixture of the old and new, transitional chandeliers combine the futuristic design of the sputnik chandeliers and the rustic elegance from the traditional or older ones like a candle chandelier. 

The best part of this transitional chandelier is it will look great in either modern or traditional themed homes or both! It’s great for living rooms or entryways but not really necessary in the bedroom.

Things to Consider when Buying your Chandelier

Before you purchase your own chandelier, you have to check if it can actually fit your room or home. Let’s look into the 3 things you have to consider before buying your own lovely chandelier.


One of the most common mistakes of people when it comes to getting their own chandelier is the position of it. The most ideal position of a chandelier is the center. It should be as centered as possible. Why? Because the artificial ambient light will be evenly distributed when it is positioned at the center. Also, for visual balance and most importantly, so that people can admire your stunning chandelier in all angles.

Installation Height

This is very non-explanatory. You cannot buy a chandelier if it’s not going to fit in your home. Always consider the line of sight and safe clearance when installing a chandelier. Make sure the chandelier will not hit your head as you walk or blind you whenever you turn it on. 

In a dining room, a chandelier should be 30 inches above your dining table so it will not glare in your eyes when you use it.


The ideal lumen count for an ambient lighting fixture for any room is dependent on space’s square footage. For example, if your dining room is 100 square feet, the ideal lumen is about 300-400 total lumens. 

So, it is smart to check the ideal lumen count and the chandelier’s lumen output before you look for your perfect chandelier. Also, it is necessary to make sure it is not too bright or too dim depending on the room you will install your chosen chandelier.

Best Type of Chandelier for you…

Regardless of what your style is, your home aesthetic, or which part of your room you will install your chandeliers in, you can surely find the best one that will fit your needs. Just keep in mind the 3 things you need to consider when buying your own chandeliers. 

But your quest to get the best ones is still unknown. You need to get the best quality chandeliers available in the market. Whether you are looking for chandeliers from 2nd Ave LightingCWI Lighting, Framburg, Kalco Lighting, Allegri by Kalco Lighting, Livex Lighting, Bromi Designs, Meyda Lighting, or PLC Lighting, we got covered! No need to look any further, we have them all here. Check out our vast collection of chandeliers in various designs, styles, and types. We also have pendant lights if you have smaller spaces to fill!

Also, If you want to make your home look more spacious, do not forget to add mirrors and for a more refreshing vibe, you can also add plants and succulents.

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