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Foyer Lighting Ideas Buyer's Guide

Foyer Lighting Ideas: Buyer’s Guide

A lot of people overlook this part of the house, but the foyer is one of the most important parts of your home. It is where you receive your guests and friends. And we all know, first impression lasts. If you want to give a great first impression, it will help to have statement pieces like foyer lighting, floral arrangements, welcoming colored walls, etc.

People with smaller homes don't think that adding a light fixture in their entryways is important but if you are someone with larger ones, why not splurge a little bit? Installing a ceiling light fixture can add a very welcoming feel and also make you look great in your friends' or guests' eyes. Who doesn't want to be a great host, right?

Choosing the Best Foyer Lighting Fixture

With the vast choices available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one for your home. You can't just buy something you think is fabulous but will not fit your ceiling or you might end up with a disaster in your hands. Being a wise buyer is something we all need to be when it comes to shopping. (Which can be very tricky when you are an impulsive buyer.) 

Don't worry! we listed 5 things you need to know before you get your own foyer lighting fixture:

Dimensions of your Foyer

It is always better to start by knowing the dimension of your foyer or entryway. Remember, if you have smaller or narrow spaces, you might want to consider smaller light fixtures like lamps, smaller/shorter pendants, mini chandeliers, or wall sconces instead of longer or grand chandeliers and pendants.

Height of Your Ceiling and Light Fixture

Before you click that buy now button, make sure your light fixture can actually fit your space. It is always safer to measure the height of your ceiling to your floor. There is nothing disastrous than hitting your head on your chandelier or pendant whenever you walk pass-through it. 

Ideally, your foyer lighting should hang about 7ft off your floor for ceilings measuring 10ft. If your ceiling height is less than 10ft, you might need to consider getting a smaller light fixture. But if you have a bigger ceiling to floor spaces or a two-story foyer, you can get grander chandeliers with tiers if you like.

Style and Theme of Your Entryway

A lot of people overlook this part but whenever you buy something for a specific part of your home, you would want it to look great with your other decorations. If not, you would probably have space where everything is fighting for attention and look like chaos.

For a more elaborate foyer, you can choose some crystal or glass chandeliers because they command attention but look elegant. And if you have a smaller and modern style, you can go for more contemporary or modern light fixtures. 

Type of Light Fixture

There are various types of light fixtures you can add in your entryways. There are no actual restrictions when it comes to choosing which type of lighting to install in your foyer. As long as it compliments your home's architecture, theme, decor, and furniture, you are good to go. Here are 5 common types of light fixture for your foyer or entryway:


Brahms 5 Light Chandelier From Allegri by Kalco Lighting 023453     Aspen 6 Light Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 5811     Ainsley (12+6) Light 2 Tier Chandelier By Kalco Lighting 505472

Chandeliers add a very glamorous and bold touch to your foyer. If you have a lot of space in your entryway, you might want to consider getting a chandelier to install in your ceilings. Always choose a chandelier proportional to your space unless you want it to be the focal point of your entryway.

There are various types and styles of chandeliers to choose from. Some of the most common ones are crystals, shaded, and modern chandeliers. 

Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts

Atelier 14 Inch Semi Flush Mount By Kalco Lighting 6482     Aspen 6 Light Semi Flush Mount By Kalco Lighting 5836     Foster 16 Inch Flush Mount By Kalco Lighting 2545

This is one of the go-to light fixtures when it comes to foyer lighting. They are very versatile and need smaller spaces. It also doesn't hurt that there are a wide variety of styles and designs for this type as well. 

Flush mounts are also called close-to-ceiling light fixtures. They are commonly used in closets, small rooms, and hallways, but you can also have it in your foyer. This type is great because you won't need a lot of floor-to-ceiling space to have it. Also, it is a great way to add ambient lighting in your entryway which is very welcoming and cozy. 

Having smaller spaces doesn't mean you have to settle for boring and plain lighting. There are a lot of choices like flush or semi-flush mounts!


Steamer Piano/Desk Lamp by House Of Troy P14-290-ABMB     Morgan Floor Lamp by House Of Troy M601-BLKAB     Lewis Floor Lamp by House Of Troy LEW800-GT

There are various types of lamps but all of them are adds an extra visual interest or effect. If you have shelves or consoles in your entryway, you might want to consider adding desk lamps. Or if you have some small space, you can add floor lamps to put emphasis on some beautiful furniture, figurines, or parts on the foyer you want to showoff. 


Camilla 4 Light Tall Pendant By Kalco Lighting 506052     Constellation 10 Light Pendant From Allegri by Kalco Lighting 11632     Aurora 26 Inch Pendant By Kalco Lighting 315951

Just like floor lamps, pendants also function as spotlights and you will need a small space to install pendant/s. But unlike chandeliers, pendant lights are more flexible and can be installed even if your floor-to-ceiling space is minimal. Keep in mind, you still have to consider the floor-to-ceiling height of your foyer when you are choosing your pendants.

You can mix and match various styles and types of pendants because of this, you can add your own personality to your lighting.

Wall Sconces

Taza 2 Light Wall Sconce By Kalco Lighting 508420     Tribecca 1 Light Ada Wall Sconce By Kalco Lighting 4154     Windsor 1 Light Ada Wall Sconce By Kalco Lighting 5405

Wall sconces are known to add a welcoming glow to entryways without taking too much space. You can just add one on each side of your entryway, foyer, and even down the hallway. There are a lot of styles and variations when it comes to wall sconces. You can also mix and match it according to your personal preference, furniture, and color theme.

Amount of Illumination

The amount of illumination is very important to not only add ambient lighting but also make sure you, your friends, and guests can see where you are going. If you fell in love in a specific fixture but the light it produces is not that bright to light up your foyer, you can just add wall sconces, pendants, lamps, or other types of light fixture to brighten up your space.

Thoughts about Foyer Lighting...

There are various ways to make your entryway or foyer more appealing not only for your guests but also for your family and adding lighting fixture is one of them. You do not have to spend a lot as well, all you need is check out these ceiling lights click add to cart and buy now.

Love entertaining guests and friends at your house? Consider adding great foyer lighting that compliments your decor, furniture, and personality but still maintains the welcoming and cozy feel.

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