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Allegri By Kalco Lighting

Kalco Lighting’s passion and fascination with crystals are what started Allegri. The vast collections of various elegant and stunning pieces of light fixtures are this company’s homage to crystals.

Allegri offers classic and timeless designs with modern styles that will fit in any theme of home decorations. Each product is dressed in the company’s exclusive Firenze Crystal, sourced throughout the world. Firenze Crystals creates a high degree of shine and refraction, making it ideal for lighting fixtures. It is very ideal for machine cutting and machine polished jewels. 

This company uses crystals from its partner, Swarovski. Because of this partnership, Allegri provides a wide array of the highest standard for stunning colorful crystal options to make sure you can find the perfect one for you. 

They also help you design and customize the light fixture of your dreams! Allegri provides a wide array of crystal options as well as finishes like two-tone silver, eight-step handpainted patinas, and 24k gold plating, offering more personal and unique pieces of light fixtures for everyone.

Allegri by Kalco Lighting’s Best Sellers

There are a lot of collections from Allegri by Kalco Lighting with various themes, designs, and styles. Each product features high-quality materials transformed into lovely elegant light fixtures by talented artists and designers. Here are some light fixtures they are famous for:


Each chandelier from Allegri features intricate details using various crystals designed by experienced artisans. They combine various styles, finishes, and types of crystals and materials, to make sure you can find the right one that fits your home.

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are usually a dome-shaped light fixture mounted flush to the ceiling. This type of light fixture has little to no gap between the fixture itself and the ceiling. Usually, flush mounts are very minimal in style and enhance the ambiance in your home.

  • Semi-Flush Mounts - Has a little gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Also, there is a stem or chain that holds the light fixture like a pendant but it is usually shorter than a pendant.

Pendant Lights

Pendants are commonly used in adding ambiance and focal point in a room. Typically used on kitchen islands or nooks. Allegri by Kalco Lighting’s pendants also uses high-quality crystals and materials but are somewhat smaller than chandeliers. This type of light fixture is great for homes with smaller spaces.

Wall Sconces

This type of light fixture is basically a lamp attached to a wall. It is also called wall lights.