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2225 products
    2225 products

    CWI Lighting has been one of the top manufacturers, distributors, and designers of lighting fixtures for any and all establishment in North America for over 30 years. Their specialization and technique come from their 30 years of experience and continuous practice to provide high-quality fixtures anyone would be proud to show off and own. 

    This company pride themselves on providing modern, up-to-date, and stylish lighting fixtures to fit their customers’ taste and any demographic. All of their amazingly captivating and elegant light fixtures are available, in various styles, types, and with different designs. You can also find CWI Lighting products’ in almost any location in North America and online.

    CWI Lighting Best Sellers

    Because CWI Lighting has been in business for over 30 years, they have a vast collection of various lighting fixtures to choose from. You can be sure you get the best quality products available in the market and will definitely fit your budget and style. Here are some of their best sellers, but they have some other light fixtures like candle island lights, 

    Bathroom Lighting

    Make your bath time extra special by adding bathroom lighting. These light fixtures from CWI Lighting will look great and also help you relax. With their various stylish and breathtaking lights, you will surely find the best one that fits the theme of your bathroom. 

    In choosing the right bathroom lighting, it is necessary to know which and what kind is the best for your dream room. 


    CWI Lighting makes a lot of chandeliers, in various types and styles, just to make sure they can provide anyone and everyone what they need and want. But because of a lot of choices, it might be confusing when you are shopping for your chandeliers.


    There are a lot of variations of lamps designed and made by CWI Lighting but here are their top 2 best sellers,

    • Floor Lamps
    • Table Lamps

    Flush Mounts

    This type of light is usually a dome-shaped light fixture mounted flush or installed close to the ceiling. One of the advantages of this type of fixture is that it is less prone to catching bugs and dust inside the fixture. Meaning, less cleaning surface for you to worry about! Also, by installing a CWI Lighting flash mount in your home, you can hide marks on your ceiling


    CWI Lighting designs and produces stunning and unique pendants. You can choose from their extensive collections of pendant lighting in various styles, materials, and finishes. 

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