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In 1905, the company was founded by Henry Alfred Framburg in Chicago, Illinois. They proudly produce high-quality ceiling lights, wall lights, and outdoor lights in various styles and designs. Since the founding of this company, a lot of changes took place --- cultural, political, economic, and social. However, how Framburg makes its high-quality and stunning handmade light fixtures didn't change.

For over a hundred years, Framburg makes the highest quality commercial and residential grade lighting fixtures. And each piece is 100% handcrafted and designed in the United States of America. This company is one of the few manufacturers still producing and creating lighting fixtures in the US. They pride themselves in making products with superior quality, design integrity, and thematic consistency.

Framburg specializes in handmade and durable but stunning and breathtaking products that can stand the harsh Midwest weather. You can be sure that each piece of art is made by expert artisans with years of experience under their belts.

Best of Framburg

From traditional to transitional to modern and even contemporary light fixtures, Framburg has perfected combining eye-catching intricate details with top-grade materials to produce stunning and breathtaking pieces of art. The brand prides itself on creating energy-efficient and timeless light fixtures in traditional, modern, transitional, crystal, glass, contemporary, and industrial styles. They also use various finishes --- like nickel, steel, gold, silver, brass, bronze, white, and off-white ---  to make each piece unique along with employing hardworking experienced artisans.

With a lot of different products to choose from, here are some of Framburg's top-selling products:


There are a lot of collections os chandeliers designed and created by Framburg, however, you can narrow them down by styles and the room where you want them to be installed. Majority of their chandeliers in our store are traditional, modern, transitional, and contemporary but you can see some light fixtures in different styles as well.


Pendants from Framburg features a combination of metal and glass. Each is created by hand and designed by real artists. If you are looking for statement pieces for your home or commercial establishments, Framburg's pendant lights are surely worth checking out.

Wall Sconces

Combining various aesthetic to make sure their valued customers can find what they need in a more personal taste, Framburg's wall sconces are available in various styles, designs, finishes, and materials.