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8605 products

    8605 products

    The name of the company came from the combination of Meyer and Ida Cohen's names. Meyda Lighting started when Ida Cohen asked her husband, Meyer, to build a stainless window for their kitchen so they do not have to see their neighbor's driveway with vintage cars everyday. What started as a hobby turned into one of America's leading manufacturers for custom and decorative lighting.

    During the early 1900s, Meyda Lighting started as a supplier of high-quality and original lighting designs for Tiffany Studios. The Meyda Tiffany line features stunning classic art glass and one-of-a-kind designs. This brand utilizes the famous copper foil construction process, also called the Tiffany method. It involves wrapping the edges of each stained glass is wrapped will a copper foil tape. One common advantage of using the Tiffany method is it produces better heat dissipation more effectively than magnet wire. Another one is size reduction since components wound with copper foil which tends to use the winding foil more efficiently.


    Today, Meyda Lighting continues to be a family-owned business, with Cohen's son, Robert, at the top and their grandsons Max and Chester by Robert's side. This company has been producing stunning high-quality pieces of art inspired by various themes. They produce a lot of artistically made collections or series. Some are inspired by stained glasses, mica, brass lanterns, solid copper, and tangible materials. While some are from landscapes, wildlife, and the places they visit. And others from whimsical or artistic juice coming from their creative minds. 

    Meyda Lighting combines various finishes, styles, sizes, specifications, color, and lamping to create a masterpiece to give their customers more specialized and personal lighting fixtures perfect for everyone and anyone.

    Meyda Lighting's Best Sellers

    Meyda Lighting is famous for making lighting fixtures that are both stunning pieces of art and made from high-quality materials. They produce a lot of lovely lights but here are a few of them.

    Billiards and/or Island Lightings

    Majority of the Meyda's billiards and island lightings have stunning intricate details that will definitely catch anyone's attention! If you are looking for home decor and a light fixture for your kitchen islands or billiards, their extensive collection is definitely worth checking out.


    From traditional to modern even contemporary and transitional chandeliers, you can be sure you can find the right type, style, size, color, and finish from Meyda Lighting's extensive collection of top-grade and stunning chandeliers.

    Flush Mounts

    Artfully designed and skillfully made, Meyda's flush mounts are sure to make any space in your home or commercial establishment a more stunning and gallery-like space to welcome and entertain your guests.


    Just like Meyda's other types of lighting fixtures, pendant lights are all artistically made by expert and creative artisans. Each piece features a unique and breathtaking design that you can't help falling in love with.

    Wall Sconces

    If you are looking for a lighting fixture but with a limited installation space and also want pieces of art in your home, Meyda Lighting's wall sconces are definitely worth looking into!

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