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    3912 products

    Looking to add some elegance to your residential or business space? We have the best Ceiling Light Fixtures to set the perfect mood!

    Why choose our Ceiling Fixtures?

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    Ceiling Fixtures are an essential part of any lighting system, providing both functionality and style. Our collection of ceiling light fixtures & ceiling fans offers a wide range of designs to choose from – from modern ceiling lights and LED ceiling light fixtures to classic and timeless ceiling fans with lights – so you can find the perfect solution to match your decor and lighting needs.

    Ceiling Fixtures are a popular choice for different parts of the home, such as:

    • Living room ceiling lights
    • Bedroom ceiling lights
    • Bathroom ceiling lights
    • Kitchen light fixtures ceiling
    • Hallway ceiling light fixtures
    • Drop ceiling light fixtures
    • Outdoor ceiling lighting

    Best Selling Ceiling Fixtures

    • Chandeliers - these are decorative ceiling light fixtures that often feature multiple arms and lights, designed to provide a grand and luxurious feel to a room.
    • Pendants - pendant lights are versatile hanging ceiling light fixtures that provide focused illumination for specific areas or tasks, available in various shapes, sizes, and styles to complement any decor.
    • Billiard & Pool Table Lights - specialized ceiling lighting for pool tables, billiard tables, and other game tables and create an inviting atmosphere for entertainment and leisure activities.
    • Pot Racks - are functional and stylish kitchen accessories that hang from the ceiling and allow for convenient storage of pots and pans, while also providing overhead lighting.

    Best Ceiling Light Brands

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is a ceiling mounted light fixture? 

    A ceiling mount light fixture is a type of lighting that is fixed to the ceiling of a room, providing illumination from above. These fixtures can come in various styles, shapes, and sizes, and can include chandeliers, semi-flush mount lights, flush mount ceiling lights, and pendant lights.

    What type of ceiling light is best for living room?

    Chandeliers and pendant lights can serve as eye-catching and dramatic focal points, whereas flush ceiling lighting is better suited for living rooms with lower ceilings as they sit closer to the ceiling. It's important to factor in the height of your ceiling before making a purchase.

    What type of lighting is best placed at the foyer?

    Foyer chandeliers, entryway chandeliers, pendant lights, and LED ceiling lighting fixtures are among the top recommendations, as these fixtures hang from the ceiling and can be positioned at the heart of the entrance area. You can also check out these Foyer Lighting Ideas

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