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1339 products

    1339 products

    Looking for practical and stylish flush mount lighting fixtures? Our collection of Flush Mounts offers both classic and modern flush mount ceiling lights in all shapes and sizes!

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    Flush Mounts, also known as Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, are a type of light fixture that sits flush against the ceiling. Unlike pendant lights or chandeliers, which hang down from the ceiling, flush mounts provide a sleek and streamlined look. They are a popular choice for a wide range of spaces, from bedrooms and living rooms to hallways and kitchens.

    One of the key benefits of flush mounts is their versatility. Because they sit flush against the ceiling, they can work in spaces with lower ceilings. We offer small to large flush mount ceiling lights, flush mount fluorescent light fixtures, LED flush mount ceiling light fixtures, beaded flush mount light fixtures, wood flush mount light fixtures, stained glass flush mount ceiling lights, and more so there's something to suit every taste!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between recessed and flush ceiling lights?

    Recessed ceiling lights sit inside the ceiling while flush ceiling lights are mounted directly onto the surface of the ceiling. Recessed lights are often used for ambient or task lighting while flush ceiling lights provide general lighting and are a great choice for spaces with lower ceilings.

    Are flush mount lights good?

    Yes, flush mount lights are a great lighting option for many spaces. They take up less space than hanging ceiling fixtures and are available in a variety of styles to suit different tastes and needs.

    How do I choose a flush mount?

    To choose the right flush mount, you should consider a few key factors such as the size and style of the fixture, the amount of light you need, and the overall aesthetic of the room. If you need assistance, you can always contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

    Shop for Flush Mount Lights at Chandelier Palace – The #1 Trusted Dealer of modern flush mount lighting, flush mount ceiling fans with lights, outdoor flush mount lighting, and more. 

    Need assistance? If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-778-5969 or email us at support@chandelierpalace.com.

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